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Blueprint for the Project Management Module

Table of Contents

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Requirements outstanding:

  • Project Task assigned to should show Title (& name) in .requires/.represent
  • Project Task assigned to should be 1->M component & link table should track %FTE
  • Dropdown of roles to assign to the project should by default be filtered to just those with spare capacity on these dates
    • This can be easily over-ridden by unticking this checkbox (same place as filter to just my organisation(s)/my office(s)
  • Onvalidation check should warn when roles are being over-committed (link to other project if readable)
  • Staff_Budget should be a 1-1 component link (like person/volunteer) Name?
  • Project_Beneficiary should be a component link
    • this then acts as DVR!?
  • Project_Donor should be a component link: Need different key joins. beware export loops, so for now define components in controllers only? (try it out)
    • either move organisation crud strings to model or else define other donor ones
  • Need to integrate project/position with budget_staff
  • Occupy projects extensions

Naming: Staff vs Position

  • Latter good for Budgetting/Vacancies
    • This should therefore be a Report on Staff with blank person_id
  • Staff Report shouldn't include such vacancies, although organigram should
  • Staff Report needs de-duplicating: Person 1->M Roles
  • Staff is person_id to organisation_id?
  • Role is person_id to project_id?


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