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Blueprint for the Request Management Module

We need to be able to track Requests for Aid & their Fulfilment.



  • Pledger marks status as 'Delivered' - pseudo role or onvalidation?
  • Requestor marks status as 'Received' - pseudo role or onvalidation?
  • Want Sync strategy for this


  • Structured into category/subcategory (like Vol Skills widget?)
  • Link RMS to Inventory (Warehouse)
  • Separate Line Items in Single Req (like PR)
    • => Header info entered once :)
    • Pledges match line items (like PO)
  • RMS Timetable options?
    • 'Immediate'

Shelter Management/Needs assessment

Haiti Requirements:

User Guide for old PHP system:

Wireframes for a proposed system for Nashville Floods:

Usability suggestions for Pakistan Version

  • Submenu name should be consistent with the link page
    • Use "Pledge Aid" instead "View request & Pledge aid"
    • Use "Pledge" instead "View & edit pledge". “List” & “Add” are two submenu under pledge.
  • Add Aid Request
    • Requester data should be put on the most top
    • Request type, date/time should be required
    • Location/shelter name of requester should be required.
      • ((Suggestion))If only existing shelter/organization can make request, then move out country/province/district/town/village.
      • ((Suggestion)) is better for usability (more clear) and makes the process easier. Pushing requesters to register in db before making request is also good for relief statistics work.
      • If ((Suggestion)) is developed, then the address for shelter/org will be required. And put existing org dropdown on this page.
      • If ((Suggestion)) is developed, make either shelter or org is required when make a request.
      • If ((Suggestion)) is not developed, check that is address for a requester which is not existing shelter necessary for delivery?
    • Is reference doc necessary for aid request? If not, move it out.

  • List Aid Requests
    • Message “Click on an ID in the left-hand column to make a Pledge to match a request for aid.” Should be modified to fit the real interface, like:” Click on “Pledge” button in the left-hand column to make a Pledge to match a request for aid.
    • Add a “search” button instead of press enter tab
  • Pledge a request
    • Request type and data of requester should be put in the “Aid Request Details” section top of the page.
    • All columns should be required.
    • Add comments column to the pledges table..
    • Use “Pledge This Request” instead “Add New Pledge”
    • Use “List pledges for this request” instead “list pledge” which points to “all pledges” in this module
    • Consider to add pledge type(same as request type) which may make the process easier and the message more clear.
    • Location map problem, see ticket: #514
  • List pledges
    • Since there’s some space on the page, try to add message column on the page.
    • Use “edit” instead of “open” for each pledge since it’s editable not only browse. And users do edit status.
    • Add a “search” button instead of press enter tab.
    • Search is not working , see ticket #512
    • Move Page no. button to be closed to pledge table.
  • Edit pledge
    • Delete function is not working , see ticket: #513
    • Delete is not necessary since status “canceled” is there.
  • Add pledge
    • All columns should be required.
    • Pledge type should be necessary for this process.


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