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    105105==== Registering an HCT Organization ====
    106 ''Oxfam, as a member of the HCT, is keen on using the system with registering their facilities, supply items, kits, & packages, and managing user accounts of their own employees to submit requests and manage the logistics of supplying goods and services for each request.''
    108 1. Oxfam Country Manager: Ms. Sheryl Temple
    109    1. opens the ShaRe application in her browser
    110    1. clicks on Contact Us offered through the Help menu (/eden/default/contact)
    111    1. fills in her name, email, organization name, and a short message requesting to join ShaRe
    112    1. then clicks the submit button
    113    1. immediately, she receives an automatic email saying that someone will contact her before 24 hours
    114 1. ShaRe SysAdmin
    115    1. receives an email from the system with the Oxfam message
    116    1. then forwards the email to the HCT members to authenticate
    117    1. receives the green-light to grant Oxfam permission to register their Organization and manage their data
    118    1. replies to the original email, asking that Oxfam register a new user (/eden/default/user/register)
    119 1. Oxfam IT Manager
    120    1. create a new user
    121       1. first name = Shaolin
    122       1. last name = Temple
    123       1. email =
    124       1. password = changeme
    125       1. clicks the submit button; the system automatically sends an emai
    126          1. to new user
    127          1. and to the ShaRe SysAdmin
    128 1. ShaRe SysAdmin
    129    1. after login, accesses the new user account sets the role = Org_Admin
    130    1. the system sends an email to: saying account is active
    131 1. Oxfam IT Manager
    132    1. after login to the system, goes to complete the
    133       1. Personal data (/eden/default/person/update)
    134       1. Contact details (/eden/default/person/#/contacts) to add a phone number
    135       1.
     1071. Registering (creating) a user profile
     1082. Registering an organisation
     110=== Registering (creating) a user profile ===
     112The new user:
     1141. Opens the ShaReHub Platform in their browser
     1152. Clicks on “Register” on the top-right of the page
     1163. Completes the required fields (First Name/Last Name/Email/Password/Language/Organisation/Register as staff or volunteer
     1174. Selects “Register” button at bottom of the page
     1185. The user is then taken to the homepage, from which they can log-in.
     121''Note: If the user’s organisation does not have a profile created in ShaRe Hub, the user must contact the administrator ( to have the organisation profile created.''
     123''Note: The user will not immediately have user permissions and must have these approved by the system administrator (''
     125''Note: The “Profile” section consists of 13 tabs for the user to complete, containing information on qualifications, skills, contact details and other areas. The area is not compulsory to complete for platform use, but allows for users to register further information that may help in mobilising and coordinating response.''
     127=== Registering an Organisation ===
     128''Note: The general practice is the same for all users. However, this guidance has been written considering the initial user group of HCT agencies.''
     130The new user:
     1321. Logs into the ShaRe Hub
     134'''RCO TO COMPLETE'''
    136137== Use Case Diagrams ==