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BluePrint: Social Media

GHC2013 Project Proposals

Both are fundamentally about this:

  • Receive tweets and / or SMS messages from the public.
  • Classify and geocode them.
  • Display on a map.

Project option for "human intelligence task" processing

Creating a 'Human Intelligence Tasking' module to allow the processing of these messages to be divided up amongst a lot of workers:

Project option for enhancements to current Eden social media features

Some enhancements to the current interface ranging from simple to advanced:

Current System and Setup for Both Projects

For ease of getting a large dataset to play with, we will use Twitter for this example, although the same system can be used for other message channels, like Email, SMS & RSS.

Test Server to see User Interface:

Install on your own system:

Relevant documentation:

Note: Documentation for both end-users & devs could use improvement

  • feel free to dive in!

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