Blueprint for Barcodes

Some modules which could make use of this:

  • Logistics: Scan in goods received & goods shipped for automatic update of inventory; Identify details of a stock item
  • Human Remains Management: Scan in body tags as they are transported to update central DB; Pull up details of the body parts on the system
  • ...

Barcodes can be generated by using a barcode font to display the number:

1 option is to use Semacode which provides a mobile phone camera-readable code which can link to a URL open able in the browser:

ReportLab has a Barcode extension:

Elaphe uses PIL to write Barcodes:

Android uses ZXing for reading barcodes:

  • ports available for Java & iPhone

Looking to the near future, RFID should also be supported:

BluePrints BluePrints

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