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BluePrint: Roster Tool for Volunteer Management


The Roster Tool is a tool to assign volunteers to shifts (time slots) of scheduled work in a project.


  • This project aims to create a roster tool primarily aimed at the CERT service. This can be used when there is a need of volunteers / people to be rostered. They can be rostered for an event, project, scenario, or an organisation. The tool is visually a table with each cell defined by a job role and a corresponding timeframe.
  • The list of the volunteers / people / employees will be pulled up from the database and then populated next to the roster tool for the admin to select and generate a roster.


  • Go to Roster tool from the main menu.
  • Select the type of event you wish to roster, from the first drop down.
  • Select the particular event you wish to roster, subsequently select the week and slot you wish to create a roster for.
  • You can now click on the + symbol at the bottom of the table. This will allow you to add roles to your table.
  • Once you have added roles, you may roster a corresponding role, on a given day, by clicking on the + symbol on the corresponding (intersecting) cell.
  • This will list all the volunteers suitable for that job role on the left side. Select a volunteer by clicking on him / her.
  • Once this is done, click the save button in the bottom to save the roster.
  • To modify a table parameter, like start date, go to manage tables.



  1. Each CERT team will have an admin who will have access to admin interface. The admin interface will have the following features:
    1. Roster ability to assign volunteer work on time place grid.
    2. View / List volunteer - CRUD ability to Add / Delete volunteer (Delete may be necessary to filter out garbage entries or possibly the volunteer who have retired)
    3. Assign "Essential" status to important cells which would be given priority for job allocation using auto complete
    4. View volunteer requests ie. see all the list of changes requested from volunteers. Possibility to auto manage the changes.
    5. View all unfilled slots. List View.
  1. Volunteer. This profile will have the following functions:
    1. View allocated job time.
    2. Request change.
    3. Declare unavailability (By default a volunteer is considered available)
    4. Change location / Edit Profile.

Design (Draft)

Roster UI: Week View

--Work done so far: Work so far




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