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Tasks suitable for Beginners

You could look through the list of open bugs tagged as 'easy' or else look at one of the ToDo items below:

Image Library


  • Use the GeoCoder (geolocate function in controllers/ to lookup location Lat/Lons
  • Add a delay to the onHover tooltip (highlightControl)
  • Integrate Potlatch
    • for editing the main OSM database
    • for editing a local OSM database
  • Make the display_feature() & display_features() popup a Window instead of opening in a DIV
  • Replace the Measure Length/Area tools with GeoExt.ux
  • Option to go Full screen & back
    • Full screen view (No Ext window) will be required for use on a small-screen, such as a Mobile device
  • Layer Tree
    • Separate Overlays folder into Internal/External
    • Sub-folders of Overlays e.g. for:
      • Projects by Theme
      • Projects by Donor
  • Get a pr/person/presence record upon login if HTML5 GeoLocation available & not changed since last time
    • login_next
  • Map Preview when Lat/Lon set in pr/person/presence (auto or not)


  • Read Tweets
  • Post Tweets


Options for participants at Crisis Camps and Codeathons


(to be elaborated on later)

  • Image Importer
  • YouTube Importer
  • User Statistics


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