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BluePrints for Beginners


  • Use the GeoCoder (geolocate function in controllers/ to lookup location Lat/Lons
  • Have the GPS Coordinate Conversion Tool support negative numbers & blanks (#147)
  • Add a delay to the onHover tooltip (highlightControl)
  • Make the display_feature() & display_features() popup a Window instead of opening in a DIV
  • Replace the Measure Length/Area tools with GeoExt.ux
  • Option to go Full screen & back
    • Full screen view (No Ext window) will be required for use on a small-screen, such as a Mobile device
  • Popup to add Location by placing cursor on Map
  • Layer Tree
    • Separate Overlays folder into Internal/External
    • Sub-folders of Overlays e.g. for:
      • Projects by Theme
      • Projects by Donor
  • Allow users to set their own Map preferences to override Defaults
    • gis_config as a 1-1 component of person
    • Map Settings tab & menu item
    • If user has a setting then use that otherwise use default
    • create config inherits from defaults
    • text in Defaults page informing user about how to use personal settings to override (if not yet set) or else warn users that they have personal settings which are currently overriding the defaults
  • Get a pr/person/presence record upon login if HTML5 GeoLocation available & not changed since last time
    • login_next
  • Map Preview when Lat/Lon set in pr/person/presence (auto or not)
  • Location .represent in views should have a name (& Lat/Lon if town or smaller) & hyperlink should bring up a popup with a map window & marker

Image Library

  • Provide a .represent for the view to display image thumbnail with option to zoom large (such as Fancyzoom)
  • Provide a beautiful image viewer to flip between images
  • Use Mapping API to display images on Map


  • Decorator to restrict access to a function based on multiple roles
  • Improve UI for Many<>Many
  • Postgres Support needs fixing
  • Popup to do Advanced Search for a Field (better than simple AutoComplete)
  • Port the multi-file upload widget in Bulk Uploader from Ext-2.2.1 to Ext-3.2.1
    • Finish this app
  • Provide localisation of jquery.ui.datepicker
    • Means that user profile will need extending to support locales
  • Replace jquery.autocomplete.js with jquery.ui.autocomplete.js (1.8.1)
  • Replace jquery.cluetip.js with jquery.ui.tooltip.js (1.9 once released)


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