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Haiyan Typhoon Response

Long-term Deployments

There are 2 long term Eden deployments in the Philippines:

Response Deployment

As well as supporting these instances, we are setting up a new instance with IOSN for Civil Society:

This is NOT in production yet and NOT ready for public dissemination yet.

I am just reworking the focus of the site.

We currently have 2 use cases for the Response phase:

  • "I want to give money or goods, where can I find one nearest me to give it to?"
    • for the General Public
  • "Matching demand with supply within a controlled vetted environment."

The site may evolve over time to add new use cases & will hopefully evolve into a longer-term Preparedness site like NYC Prepared



Red Cross are interested in this data:


Perhaps we could have a simple User Guide created for the site...e.g. to be added in Help on the site

Ideas can be pulled from:


Front Page

Work on a nice frontpage design. At a first guess, I think we want 3 big buttons on the front:

  • Donate Money
    • Provides a listing of Relief Organisations with links to Website (Avoid Phonelines, and especially Bank Accounts, to reduce fraud...leave these to the host org's website)
  • Donate Goods
    • Asks for Location & shows Drop-off points closest to them
  • Donate Time
    • Remote support?
      • YES: Provides a listing of opportunities
      • No: Shows Volunteer locations closest to them

Wordsmithing could be improved!

Time Page

or some other way to handle the 2 different ways to donate time

Nearest Place

Mockup some ideas for how we can best prompt people for where they are & hence find nearest locations to drop-off or volunteer

The default view would be a list of all & then user filters via the multiselects, but a nicer interface would be better if we can


  1. Multiselect for Site Type is cutting off when inside popup - ugly
  2. Menu entries for Map & Regions have a common icon which looks confusing

JS Code

  1. On the Profile page for an Org, there should only be 1 Needs record, so creating a Needs record should remove the + button for that widget
  2. Hide rich text fields on needs until their checkboxes are selected (& rehide if deselected)
    • in popup from Profile page
    • in Inline form when creating a Site / Org (harder!)
  3. When a datalist with no records has the first record added this doesn't load automatically into the page (it's fine when there is already at least 1 record)
    • probably just ensuring some JS is loaded or tags present


People volunteer Money, Time or Goods

Money is an Organisation Need stored in the req_organisation_needs component

  • essentially we will just give people a list of Orgs which are soliciting cash & the websites they can visit to donate...there is also a Rich-text box to add extra details

Goods is a Site (currently generic org_facility) Need stored in the req_site_needs component

  • essentially we will give people a list of Sites which are accepting drop-off donations, along with direction for how to get there, opening times & a rich-text box for them to describe the types of goods they're accepting
  • later we'll add a search for 'closest'.

Time is split into 2:

  • Remote time is an Organisation Need
  • Local time is a Site Need

The basic workflow is as above

What needs doing?

  • Custom Forms for creating Orgs + Sites with their Needs
    • Dominic
  • Renderers for Orgs & Sites including their Needs (I think datalist will work better for the Rich text)
    • Hide richtext fields until their checkboxes are selected
    • Dominic
  • Filters
    • Dominic
  • Site Profile Pages
    • Map should show this Site
  • S3Profile for multiple=False widgets should have the create new button disabled when a resource is created
    • Server-side when page loaded
    • Client-side when record added dynamically
    • e.g. adding a need to an Org (or Site when we do Site profile pages)
  • Location 'Nearest' Search
    • Fran
  • Security Policy
  • Latest Needs widget on homepage (like DRM's Latest Incidents)
    • Fran
  • Needs summaries per Lx
  • We want to be able to zoom-in within an L1 to see the component L2s in the Profile Selector page
    • Fran
    • (& maybe within the Profile)

Obviously there are UI design aspects too, but we can integrate what any volunteer who steps forward on that does.

Other ideas also welcomed.

e.g. I can think of an alternate workflow where Needs are all just cms_posts of type 'money', 'time' or 'goods' & we have a single 'newsfeed' of all


There will be some new code developed so some manual test cases which can be automated would be great

Other places to Help

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