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Haiyan Typhoon Response

Long-term Deployments

There are 2 long term Eden deployments in the Philippines:

Response Deployment

As well as supporting these instances, we are setting up a new instance with IOSN for The National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO):

    • Production site. User accounts need to be created by Admins, which will only be done for people working in the Call Center. Read-access is public & posts can be actioned from there as-possible.
    • Test site. Users can self-register and play around. Accounts and test data will be deleted periodically, but people are welcome to Test things out here with dummy data.

This is NOT in production yet and NOT ready for public dissemination yet.

We currently have 2 use cases for the Response phase:

  • "I want to give money or goods, where can I find one nearest me to give it to?"
    • for the General Public
  • "Matching demand with supply within a controlled vetted environment."
    • for NATCCO who have network members who are in the disaster zone and also members who wish to help out.

The site may evolve over time to add new use cases & will hopefully evolve into a longer-term Preparedness site like NYC Prepared

Development is happening in Trunk using the Philippines Template.



Red Cross are interested in this data:


Perhaps we could have a simple User Guide created for the site...e.g. to be added in Help on the site

Ideas can be pulled from:


What needs doing?


Money is an Organisation Need stored in the req_organisation_needs component

  • essentially we will just give people a list of Orgs which are soliciting cash & the websites they can visit to donate...there is also a Rich-text box to add extra details

Requests & Offers are cms_post s

What needs doing?


There will be some new code developed so some manual test cases which can be automated would be great

Other places to Help

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