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Haiyan Typhoon Response

Long-term Deployments

There are 2 long term Eden deployments in the Philippines:

Response Deployment

As well as supporting these instances, we have set up a new instance with IOSN and the National Telehealth Center for the Department of Health to track the Status of Health Care facilities & manage Requests from them:

Please don't publicise these URLs directly but rather point people to this Wiki page or to the main Sahana Foundation site. Only useful traffic should be directed at the real servers.

When Testing locally, you can use these accounts:

Development is happening in Trunk using the Philippines Template.

Use Cases

The site may evolve over time to add new use cases & will hopefully evolve into a longer-term Preparedness site like NYC Prepared

  • Sites needing things call the Call Center to log a Request
  • Donations are of two types:
    • Money
      • For donations of money, donors are directed to the organizations' own donation websites.
    • Resources (which can be goods or work)
      • Donations of resources are made to match requests
        • Currently a donation can't be made unless it is for a need that has been posted as a request. (although this might change in future)
  • Donations can be made from the web page by the public.
  • (Donations can also be entered by workers at a call center, who are handling phone calls from donors.)

Workflow details:

  • Call center worker handling a call from a site which needs something:
    • Worker clicks 'Make Request'
    • Worker selects from pre-existing sites or creates a new one
    • Contact is selected
    • If a pre-existing site has a pre-existing site contact then this will default, but can be overridden if-necessary
    • Details of the request are logged
    • Press Save
  • Call center worker handling a call from a donor who has goods or services to donate:
    • Worker clicks Donate in kind to get to the list of requests (/req/req/datalist). This shows thumbnails (summaries) of each request, with a Donate button.
    • A suitable request is selected using filters &/or full-text search.
    • Worker clicks Donate on the request thumbnail. That brings up a donate (commit) create form popup.
    • Worker enters Organization (if-appropriate)
    • Work enter Contact Name
    • Will lookup if contact already exists or can simply add a new one
    • Worker enters a description of the donation, and optionally a delivery date and estimated value.
    • Worker clicks Save.
  • Call center worker handling a call from a donor who wishes to donate money (low priority).
    • Worker opens the list of organizations (org/organisation).
    • Discusses options with caller, who picks an organization.
    • Worker gives caller the URL for the organization's donation site (or simply directs them to the organization's website landing page).
  • A member of the public comes to the website to donate goods or services.
    • Donor clicks the Donate in Kind link which goes to req/req/datalist
    • They can either:
      • Filter on Region / Province / MuniCity (& maybe sites).
      • Full-text search.
    • They click Donate on a request
    • If not logged-in this brings up the login page
    • If logged-in, this brings up the req/commit/create.popup form.
    • They fill out a description of the donation, optionally date available, est. value
    • Click Save
    • (Once SMS is up then Requester should recv an SMS)
  • A member of the public comes to the website to donate money:
    • Donor clicks the $ Money link which goes to org/organisation/datalist?
    • Donor can either:
      • Scroll / page through the list of organizations.
      • Search for text in the organization name, website URL, or needs text.
      • Donor picks an organization, and clicks the link to (the donation page on) their website.



Health Facilities need completing ready for import:

Red Cross are interested in this data:


Perhaps we could have a simple User Guide created for the site...e.g. to be added in Help on the site

Ideas can be pulled from:


What needs doing?


Money is an Organisation Need stored in the req_organisation_needs component

  • essentially we will just give people a list of Orgs which are soliciting cash & the websites they can visit to donate...there is also a Rich-text box to add extra details

Requests & Offers are cms_post s

What needs doing?


There will be some new code developed so some manual test cases which can be automated would be great

Other places to Help

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