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Occupy Sandy

Occupy Wall Street community hare currently leveraging their community mobilisation skills on supporting the victims of Hurricane Sandy:


These should be written as User Stories: BluePrint/Guidelines

Raw doc:


Simplify intake form?

  • Hide CTN
  • Hide Price per Pack
  • Hide Status

Should we use simplified process for adding Stock? (i.e. direct access without going through stock adjustment. This is the current setting in HelpNY template)

Improve Item Selector

Stock Reports should be visible to Public

  • Transparency
  • Make it clear what is NOT needed

Volunteers Sign-up to 'Tasks' (Skills Requests)

Port from Give2LA branch?


Hubs, Distribution Centers, Medical Clinics & Residential Buildings are all Types of org_facility.

This allows a common /map view & popup definitions.

  • Types w diff Icons
  • Color-coding by whether they have an open / urgent request?
  • OnHover tooltip to show description
  • Click to show Requests (custom popup representation)

'Sync' (Import/Export) volunteers between Sahana & CiviCRM

nursix looking at

Recurring Requests

nursix looking at

e.g. 3 people needed to serve hot food at lunch and dinner at this location - repeats daily

  • Simple UI to the Scheduler - like is done for Sync currently

Smartphone access to forms

Need to define exactly which forms & decide whether to write custom /m pages for these forms or else develop a Mobile Theme (autodetected vuia WURFL?)

SMS Communications


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