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Occupy Sandy

Phase 1

OccupySandy is a project to support the survivors of Hurricane Sandy by mobilizing the local community.

Using Sahana

Working on Sahana: Technical Information

Developers: Getting started

  1. Set up Sahana on your local machine
  2. Once you've run Sahana once, you will have a file called models/
    1. Update this file to use the SandyRelief template to see Erica's beautiful theme & have the other relevant settings.
    2. Also uncomment the settings.base.prepopulate = IFRC_Train line to get sample data.
  3. Go through the tutorial in the online book:
  4. To log in to your local instance: username, password testing
  5. Join the community:
    1. Use the #SandyRelief channel on Freenode IRC as that is where the users of the system will be
    2. Ask questions and say hello on the email lists:
  6. Open an account on this website to get access to the bug tracker.


These should be written as User Stories: BluePrint/Guidelines



Hub Dispatchers want to log Requests into the system

  • Supplies (1st priority)
  • Volunteers
  • Assets (needs enabling/testing)

Should we start simple, by just enabling the 'Other' type of Request so that all of the detail is in a free-text form?

  • no need to fiddle with the item catalog


Only a single process will be done:

  • Daily Stock Take focussing on top 20-25 items & probably down to case level.

This will use the Stock Adjustment process, to which photos may be optionally added. A dropdown can be used for the Item Selector.

Historical reports can also be produced from these (probably reqwuiring a little work down the line)

Old Ideas

Simplify intake form?

  • Hide CTN
  • Hide Price per Pack
  • Hide Status

Should we use simplified process for adding Stock? (i.e. direct access without going through stock adjustment. This is the current setting in HelpNY template)

  • Also add ability to Send Shipment without having Stock yet added to Warehouse & record negative stock
    • This still allows accountability, so separate switch: inv.send_item_without_stock = True
    • /eden/inv/send/1/track_item currently has Item as a Dropdown from Warehouse Stock

Improve Item Selector

Stock Reports should be visible to Public

  • Transparency
  • Make it clear what is NOT needed


Registration process

Current Registration form (which feeds CiviCRM):

Implementation Notes:

Sign-up to 'Tasks' (Skills Requests)

Port from Give2LA branch?

'Sync' (Import/Export) volunteers between Sahana & CiviCRM

nursix looking at with Jamie & Joseph from Occupy

Allocations of Volunteers to Tasks

Shoudl we buildon the Rostering tool?


Hubs, Distribution Centers, Medical Clinics & Residential Buildings are all Types of org_facility.

This allows a common /map view & popup definitions.

  • Types w diff Icons DONE
  • Color-coding by whether they have an open / urgent request?
  • OnHover tooltip to show description DONE
  • Click to show Requests (custom popup representation) DONE
  • Embeddable map in other websites (iframe with flexible size) DONE

Recurring Requests

Fran DONE (mostly)

e.g. 3 people needed to serve hot food at lunch and dinner at this location - repeats daily

  • Simple UI to the Scheduler - like is done for Sync currently

Smartphone access to forms

Need to define exactly which forms & decide whether to write custom /m pages for these forms or else develop a Mobile Theme (autodetected vuia WURFL?)

SMS Communications

We have access to the OccupySMS gateway (MobileCommons) for both Inbound & Outbound SMS

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