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Hurricane Sandy

Table of Contents

  1. Requirements
  2. Data

We have setup 3 instances:


These should be written as User Stories: BluePrint/Guidelines


  • Notes on uploading from csv files (incomplete)
    • For hospital data: Upload from spreadsheet:
      Click the 'Download template' link to get a blank sample
    • Location hierarchy & wkt
      CLI process to import location CSVs:
      auth.override = True
      resource = s3db.resource("gis_location")
      stylesheet = os.path.join(request.folder, "static", "formats", "s3csv", "gis", "location.xsl")
      import_file = os.path.join("/", "home", "data", "US_L2.csv")
      File = open(import_file, "r")
      resource.import_xml(File, format="csv", stylesheet=stylesheet)
    • wiki:UserGuidelinesGISData
    • wiki:GIS/OpenStreetMap#Import

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