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Hurricane Sandy

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  1. Summary
  2. Location Data


The Sahana Software Foundation is currently assisting community-based organizations with support and services around the management of mutual aid and assistance to populations affected by Hurricane Sandy in the northeastern United States – particularly in New York City and New Jersey. We have stood up a server (cloud hosted on Amazon EC2) that provides Sahana Eden capabilities customized and configured to the specific needs of disaster response operations for Hurricane Sandy.

This system has been initially designed to support the collection and aggregation of requests for material assistance and volunteers from the neighborhoods hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy: the Rockaways in Queens, Coney Island and Red Hook in Brooklyn, Staten Island and communities along the New Jersey coast. This will allow organizations, relief drop-off locations and individuals volunteering or donating needed relief items to more effectively prioritize and dispatch needed resources to where they are needed most. The system also provides a means of quickly conducting daily inventories to provide visibility and transparency, and allowing for more efficient and effective distribution of aid – connecting those in need with those who have.

Additional feature releases are planned to support volunteer registration and management, aggregation of individual building assessment data, and asset management.


We have setup 3 instances:

Additional Material

Hurricane Hackers presentation

Location Data

Boundaries and hierarchy:

Notes on uploading from csv files (incomplete)

  • Location hierarchy & wkt
    CLI process to import location CSVs:
    auth.override = True
    resource = s3db.resource("gis_location")
    stylesheet = os.path.join(request.folder, "static", "formats", "s3csv", "gis", "location.xsl")
    import_file = os.path.join("/", "home", "data", "US_L2.csv")
    File = open(import_file, "r")
    resource.import_xml(File, format="csv", stylesheet=stylesheet)

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