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EdenMobile is a mobile application for Sahana Eden, built on the Apache Cordova platform (also known as Adobe PhoneGap).

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Development Environment

  1. Cordova runs on NodeJS. If your OS distribution does not provide a NodeJS bundle, you can get from here:
  1. Use the NodeJS package manager npm to install Cordova:
  npm install -g cordova 

See also:

  1. If you want to build and test EdenMobile, you also need an SDK for the target platform, e.g.:
  1. You can fork/clone EdenMobile from here:


EdenMobile uses the AngularJS JavaScript MVC framework.

A good introduction into AngularJS can be found here:


The EdenMobile user interface is built with the CSS and JavaScript components provided by the Ionic framework.

Documentation of these components can be found here:

Note: EdenMobile does not use the Ionic CLI for development and builds, but the Cordova CLI.


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