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GCI Tasks: Code

These tasks are suitable for coders of various levels.

Sahana Eden Tasks

Using Python, JavaScript and HTML. See: Contribute/Code

Sahana Vesuvius Tasks

Extend "ImageStat" Tool

Research is going on to improve face-detection and face-matching algorithms, for eventual incorporation into Vesuvius/PL and other projects. To assist with algorithm training/testing, images of faces are being annotated with rectangles. A Java web-site tool, "ImageStat", has been built to allow this. It uses these open-source components: GWT, GXT, vaadin, Tomcat, mysql, SOLR.

Example ImageStat Extension Task:

  • The current display of image thumbnails requires clicking on an individual image to see its text annotation details.
  • An alternative would provide a list view that shows that information next to each thumbnail.

See also: Other information about ImageStat tasks under DOCUMENTATION and QA/TESTING.


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