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Google Code In 2013 - 2014

Information for GCI Participants

  • Please sign our Contributor License Agreement before claiming or completing any tasks (even non-coding tasks).
  • Note our Service Level Agreement with our mentors:
    • 24 hours to respond to task claim requests
    • 36 hours to review submitted completed tasks
  • Please use our public mailing lists or IRC channels for all communications - no private messaging please - our mentors should redirect you back to our public channels.
  • Please note that Melange does notify mentors assigned to a task by e-mail whenever there is a status change or a comment made on a task... so you do not need to send an email to our lists when you claim or complete a task.
  • Please be patient.... our mentors have lives, spouses, children, jobs, hobbies...
  • Mentors and Admin on duty through the end of GCI:
    • Eden Admin: Vishrut Mehta (vishrut009)
    • Vesuvius Admin: Ramindu Deshapriya



Interested in contributing code or completing coding tasks for the Google Code-In? If so, please attend our Sahana Eden Training for New Developers on November 23rd @ 1700 UTC or complete the training virtually on your own time from the recording of this session. This will count as a task for the Google Code-In. Please see Sahana Eden Training Task page for more information.


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