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Google Code In 2013 - 2014

Information for GCI Participants

  • Please sign our Contributor License Agreement before claiming or completing any tasks (even non-coding tasks).
  • Note our Service Level Agreement with our mentors:
    • 24 hours to respond to task claim requests
    • 36 hours to review submitted completed tasks
  • Please use our public mailing lists or IRC channels for all communications - no private messaging please - our mentors should redirect you back to our public channels. This also lets you introduce yourself to the community. And if you post questions to the mailing list for the project you're working on, then many people will be available to answer, not just your mentor.
  • Please note that Melange does notify mentors assigned to a task by e-mail whenever there is a status change or a comment made on a task... so you do not need to send an email to our lists when you claim or complete a task.
  • Please be patient....
    • The mentor for your project may be in a different timezone. They may be asleep, having dinner...
    • Our mentors have lives, spouses, children, jobs, hobbies, exams...
    • See the Service Level Agreement above -- that gives the maximum response time, and a response might take that long.
  • Mentors and Admin on duty through the end of GCI:
    • Eden Admin: Vishrut Mehta (IRC: vishrut009)
    • Vesuvius Admin: Ramindu Deshapriya (IRC: rami)



Interested in contributing code or completing coding tasks for the Google Code-In? If so, please attend our Sahana Eden Training for New Developers on November 23rd @ 1700 UTC or complete the training virtually on your own time from the recording of this session. This will count as a task for the Google Code-In. Please see Sahana Eden Training Task page for more information.


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