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Seychelles Sahana First Response Workshop

Sponsored by the National Disaster Risk Management Office of the Republic of Seychelles
By invitation only.

Meeting Venue

Monday 24th to Thursday 27th September at the Department of Risk and Disaster Management, P.O Box 113 Victoria Mahe, Global Village. Suite No. 3 Mont Fleuri, Mahe Republic of Seychelles; Tel: + 248 4672200/02 Fax + 248 4325324 Mobile: +248 2722506

Workshop Resources

Session Slides

  1. Introduction to Sahana about the culture, code, and community; with exposure to other projects
  2. Introduction to First Response for call logging and dispatch, managing action plans, scenarios, personnel, assets)

Evaluation forms

  1. Daily session evaluation to understand how effective the topics, training, and the trainers were and adjust the curriculum.
  2. Quiz - introduction to Sahana for realizing whether you have understood the basics of the Sahana EDEN architecture.
  3. Quiz - introduction to First Response for realizing whether the participants grasped the important concepts and definitions.
  4. Gulf of evaluation controlled-exercise deriving the goal, intent, actions, and then executing them to evaluate if the software does what you want.
  5. Technology Acceptance an anonymized test to evaluate the user perceived ease of use, usefulness, and attitude towards using

4 Day Program

Monday 24 - Thursday 27 September 2018 Download the Workshop program

  • Day 1: Monday 24th - Exploration and Introductions
  • Day 2: Tuesday 25th - Sahana First Response (call logging)
  • Day 3: Wednesday 26th - Sahana First Response continued (dispatch)
  • Day 4: Thursday 27th - Production server implementation and Action Plans
  • Day 5: Friday 27th - DRDM & Sahana team debrief


  • Mr. Paul Labeleine (DG-DRDM)
  • Ms. Verna Leon (DRDM)
  • Mr. Fran Boon (Sahana)
  • Mr. Nuwan Waidyanatha (Sahana)

Participating Organizations

  1. Department of Risk and Disaster Management (NDRM)
  2. Health Care Agency (HCA) of the Ministry of Health
  3. Seychelles Fire and Rescue Service Agency (SFRSA)
  4. Local Government Department (LGD)
  5. Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA)
  6. Seychelles Police Force (SPF)
  7. Red Cross Society of Seychelles (RCSS)


  • User guidelines to understand the steps for completing the various administrative, call logging, and dispatch workflows
  • Blueprint defining the design principles, elements, and relationships.
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