Getting started and operating SAFIRE

  • Blueprint - with the customer requirements, technical design and specifications.



This document serves as a knowledge repository for users to refer "how to" content with carrying out the roles specific workflows:

The document is present with the most frequently used features at the top and the others at the bottom of the page (e.g. installation and administration)


  1. Logging incidents - a call center staff or an on-site reporter entering the initial set of information
  2. Building the plan - once scenario is selected, the action plan should auto populate indicating the task priority and required personnel and equipment
  3. Dispatching response resources - personnel and equipment are dispatch to assist in the incident; based on a priority for executing each task
  4. Updating incident - new reports for a particular incident report can be informed by other callers or incident managers
  5. Publishing reports - situational reports with a summary of the incident and other management summary reports

Logging incidents

API: /eden/event/incident_report

  1. Incident logging form is simple and quick to capture the necessary information
  2. Depends on predefined data:
    1. incident type that your organization is implementing
    2. reporting date defaults to now
    3. status can be extended beyond open & closed

Building the action plan

API: /eden/event/incident/X/plan (replace X with number)

  1. Define the tasks
  2. Assign resources
    1. people (skilled)
    2. equipment (assets & consumables)
  3. Depends on predefine
    1. people (skills)
    2. equipment & assets
    3. scenarios & tasks

Dispatching resources

API: /eden/event/incident/X/plan (replace X with number)

  1. assigning:
    1. personnel
    2. equipment
  2. messaging first responders
    1. dispatch to incident to cover an action plan item
    2. request for information

Updating incidents

Publishing reports

Managing users

API: /eden/admin/user

  1. Create a user and assign roles


Upload data with Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet upload - the system administrator may upload several data records at once.

Installing SAFIRE

Installation script

  • in your terminal window run the configuration script (if with Debian, Cherokee, and PostGIS)
    • download the configuration script
    • run the script
    • when prompted for the template enter SHARE
    • proceed with the rest of the installation as you desire


  • Edit modules/ change
    settings.base.template = "SAFIRE"
  • Migrate the database by running the commands in a terminal window
    # see /usr/local/bin for clean script
    > sudo su
    > clean
  1. Start web2py and test the URL in browser


Publishing situational reports

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