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Codeathon Projects

Since we expect GHC2010 Codeathon participants to reflect diverse skills and expertise, we have identified a range of projects. Regardless of the amount of coding needed, all of these are useful!

Projects that do not involve programming


Bug verification

Some bugs have been left open even though they've been fixed. Others don't have much information.

  • Go through the list of open bugs and try to reproduce the bug:
    • If the bug is gone, add a reply to the ticket with what you did and "resolve" the bug as "invalid". (The submitter can still reply and reopen the bug if they want.)
    • If you can reproduce the bug but the description isn't clear, add better "how to reproduce" instructions.
    • If you can't figure out what the ticket means, add a reply that tells the bug submitter what info would be helpful.

Current relief efforts (Help out with a current relief effort)

Pakistan floods -- see background information.

Improve installation procedures

  • Step-by-step documentation -- we have been concentrating on Windows & Debian/Ubuntu so other distros are poorly-documented.

Projects for beginning coders, or if new to Python or web services

Bug fixing

Feature Enhancements

  • Fix UI issues, add features, provide user-requested enhancements.
  • The landing page for each module is different -- some have descriptive text, others have statistics (a "dashboard"). Each has a different layout of menus.
    • Are any of these landing pages useful? What would be better? Maybe go straight to a list page? Make appropriate changes.
    • Is there a common sort of menu that would be useful?

Geocode addresses

A favorite missing feature: Geocoding addresses. There is already a geocoding service supported in Eden, but it's not used when a user adds a location. Your job:

  • Find the geocoding function.
  • When the user adds a location and enters an address, use the geocoding function to get latitude and longitude.

Suggestion Box

SysAdmin tasks

Projects for more experienced coders

Some things to keep in mind when planning new modules or major features:

  • Consider what other FOSS tools exist, that could be installed alongside Eden.
  • Look at tools and libraries already in use in Eden, e.g. jQuery and ExtJS for UI work.

Test automation

Tweet or SMS parsing -- allow users to provide info via tweets or SMS messages

Job Jar -- manage tasks performed on the site, e.g. data entry

  • Assign tasks to users or let users select tasks.
  • Track who does what, mark completed.
  • Provide administrator UI for defining tasks.
  • Cross-check / verify task, or compare result of two users on same task.
  • Administer tests and training for new workers.

Upload photos or video from a smart phone

  • Design a widget (to be included in an Eden form) that can be used to select images or video, with any needed detection of the type of phone.

Run Eden on a smart phone

Chat with other logged in users

  • Provide a chat board through which users can help each other.
  • Perhaps have one chat for each organization or project.
  • Is there existing IRC or other chat software that could be incorporated?

Refactor and complete the Survey module

The survey module was started during GSoC this summer. The author will be online on freenode #sahana-ghc under the nicknames robbyoconnor or r0bby|android during the Codeathon.

  • Change it so that it uses "components" to relate survey sections to the survey, and questions to the survey sections.
  • Ideally, the look and feel of the surveys should be modeled after the Rapid Assessment Tool (rat) module(see models/ and controllers/ to get an idea of what needs to happen)
  • Note: You will be required to write some supporting code! No way around that, but this is possible!
  • We are aiming to allow non-technical savvy users to create surveys similar to what was done in the rat module.

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