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Continuous Integration

Current Setup

CI Server's cron runs the tests every 6 hours

  • Using Web2Py from Tue Jan 15 22:23:00 2013
  • Using latest Trunk Eden
  • Using IFRC template
  • Using SQLite
  • Using Chrome

Results are stored as HTML files in the filesystem which can be accessed via the Eden instance under test:


  • Updates Web2Py to current Trunk (from
    • Currently disabled
  • Updates Eden to current Trunk (from
  • Cleans database & prepopulates
  • Runs Functional Tests (Selenium)
  • Runs Smoke Tests
  • Runs Roles Tests
    • Currently disabled
  • Mails out test results (using /usr/local/bin/

NB Tests require Python 2.7, so Pythonbrew is used to allow this to coexist with the system Python 2.6

To run the test suite manually:


Open another console then:


To just run smoke tests:

cd /home/web2py
xvfb-run -a python -S eden -M -R applications/eden/modules/tests/ -A --html-path /home/web2py/applications/eden/static/test_smoke/ --suite smoke --force-debug --link-depth 16 -V 4

Start Window based applications (x11):

  • If the GUI window of the application is of no interest to you:
    xvfb-run -a *test commands here*
    For example :
    xvfb-run -a python -S eden -M -R applications/eden/modules/tests/ -A -V 2
    Note: Xvfb basically makes a virtual display which isn't displayed anywhere. Xserver itself actually requires a real display
  • If you want to see the GUI interface of the application
    • If the machine you use to ssh into the server, has X Server installed, then you can access the GUI window by using the -X flag when loggin into the server
      ssh -X youraccount@
      And now, if you simply execute any application which has a Xserver attached to it, it will be displayed on your screen.

Setup for Load tests

Installed the following to do load testing using the CI Server -

  • erlang - Version : R16B01
  • tsung-1.4.2

For report generation -

  • zlib-1.2.8
  • libpng-1.2.8
  • freetype-2.4.0
  • gd-2.0.33
  • gnuplot-4.0.0

The installation script for installing these is here -


# Download erlang source
tar xzf otp_src_R16B01.tar.gz
cd otp_src_R16B01

# Install erlang
./configure -prefix=/opt/erlang-R16B01

# Add /opt/erlang-R16B01/bin to path
# in /etc/profile, add 
echo "export PATH=$PATH:/opt/erlang-R16B01/bin" >> /etc/profile

. /etc/profile

cd ..

# Download tsung.
tar zxf tsung-1.4.2.tar.gz 
cd tsung-1.4.2

# Install tsung
./configure --prefix=/opt/tsung-1.4.2
sudo make install

# Add /opt/tsung-1.4.2/bin to path
# in /etc/profile, add 
echo "export PATH=$PATH:/opt/tsung-1.4.2/bin" >> /etc/profile

. /etc/profile

sudo cpan Template

cd ..

# install zlib
tar xzf zlib-1.2.8.tar.gz
cd zlib-1.2.8
./configure --prefix=/opt/zlib-1.2.8
make test
sudo make install

cd ..

# install libpng
tar xzf libpng-1.2.8.tar.gz 
cd libpng-1.2.8/
cp scripts/makefile.linux makefile
make test
sudo make install

cd ..

# install freetype
tar xzf freetype-2.4.0.tar.gz
cd freetype-2.4.0
./configure --prefix=/opt/freetype-2.4.0
sudo make install

cd ..

# install gd for png support of gnuplot.
tar xzf gd-2.0.33
cd gd-2.0.33
./configure --prefix=/opt/gd-2.0.33
sudo make install

cd ..

# Install gnuplot
tar xzf gnuplot-4.0.0.tar.gz
cd gnuplot-4.0.0
./configure --prefix=/opt/gnuplot-4.4.0
sudo make install

# Add /opt/gnuplot-4.4.0/bin to path
# in /etc/profile, add 
echo "export PATH=$PATH:/opt/tsung-1.4.2/bin" >> /etc/profile

. /etc/profile

Plans for Future

  • Move mailing script out of a personal user directory
  • Move cron commands to system /etc/crontab rather than root's crontab
  • Fix Reporting of Smoke Tests
  • Enable Roles Tests & fix any issues which caused it to be disabled
  • Run Unit Tests
  • More templates (default, etc)
  • More databases
  • More browsers
  • More web2py versions
    • e.g. 'Current Stable' (as-defined by Eden) & 'Trunk'
    • having errors in Trunk Web2pY which aren't seen in 'Current Stable' homes us in on where problems lie
  • Install an Eden instance to act as a CI server
    • Move the cron scripts to being run by Eden Scheduler
    • Have Eden manage the mailing of results & manage subscriptions
    • Have Eden store the results in the database for Graphical analysis
    • Same Eden instance can be Sunflower which replaces Trac for tickets
    • Have Eden analyse results intelligently - e.g. logging tickets for Web2Py issues when web2py version is seen as the cause
    • AUT should be possible on remote servers
      • e.g. Spawn AWS instances using
        • AMIs built for Cherokee/PostgreSQL & Apache/MySQL to speed-up bootstrapping of instances
      • Can do Performance Testing
      • Can do Tests on servers with User Data?
    • This replaces the old install of Jenkins

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