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We can always use SysAdmin support to help out with our infrastructure: developing tools & maintaining sites.

Deployment Cycle

Setting up a New Instance

Eden project have 2 servers kindly donated by Zen Internet.
These run KVM to provide different virtual machines.
We use Proxmox to manage these VMs

These documents are secured - ask for access if you are going to contribute:

Upgrading an Instance

Need to decide whether the site will be upgraded straight from Trunk, or whether upgrades are staged via a Test server.

We manage upgrades using Fabfile.

  1. Add the site to
  2. If no keys generated yet, then generate some:
    fab generate_keys
  3. deploy keys
    fab <site> distribute_keys
  4. Run the upgrade (as/when required)
    fab <site> deploy



Infrastructure Virtual Machine Template

  • Update shell aliases: compile/pull
    • convert to scripts in /usr/local/bin (as per ISO/VM)
  • Add maintenance site & HTML
  • Rename site as
    • To work with fabfile
  • Provide a script to manage the MySQL root pw change
    • change the password
    • edit Eden's
    • edit /root/.my.cnf
  • Update Eden
  • Update Web2Py (as-required)
  • Update OS (to Squeeze & then maintain patches)
  • Increase swap to 2048Mb (from 750Mb)
    • can we do this in image? Add an emergency swapfile?
    • Add extra disk for those instances which need extra capacity


  • Set up an instance of Hudson to automatically run through our Selenium tests


  • Have a set of reference data available


  • Upgrade to 2.1.4 (from 2.1.1)


  • Upgrade to 0.12.1
    • Check Plugin Dependencies
  • Convert from sqlite to PostgreSQL (or MySQL) to improve performance
  • Add Timing & Estmation Plugin
  • Investigate a fix or alternative to for allowing Trac users to register bugs anonymously whilst not locking out our testing team.
  • See if we can not send emails out to users for the updates they make themselves (maybe fixed in 0.12.x?)
  • Investigate a fix for the last section edit doubling-up the footers (maybe fixed in 0.12.x?)

Release Process

Translation Process

  • Bzr start-commit hook to update all languages (need a script rather than the current appadmin UI method)
    cd web2py
    python -S eden -R applications/eden/static/scripts/tools/
  • Scripts to automate the conversion 2 PO & upload/download to/from Pootle: UserGuidelinesLocalisation
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