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The basic process is:

  • Update your local development branch:
    git pull upstream master
    git push
  • Refresh your Test instance with the current Production data
    clean test
  • Upgrade the Test instance (which also migrates to the new DB schema):
    pull test
  • Resolve any database migration issues that you encounter...documenting these for the script which you use to upgrade Prod
  • TEST
  • Enhance your migration script as-required to fix silent database migration issues
    • some of thesse can be found by reviewing the code changes for the modules which you are using
  • Repeat until happy
  • Backup Prod
  • Repeat upgrade script on Prod

You may find this useful (especially if you have a smaller database...the process here takes too long for longer databases):

Example Scripts

GIS Schema Migration

This is designed for use with uWSGI (i.e. Cherokee)

  • it will need minor tweaking to work with Apache/mod_WSGI (i.e. the part for stop/starting the service)

It has been tested with both MySQL & PostgreSQL.

  • You should be running Web2Py 2.9.11+ for the proper Native JSON support if using Postgres.
  • Known Issues
    • style JSON can get corrupted so needs resaving
    • opacity/cluster_distance/cluster_threshold can need setting manually


chmod +x
clean test # Update the Test instance with current Prod data
./ test

Test it out & confirm that all is working for you, then repeat for Prod:

./ prod



  1. Add the site to
  2. If no keys generated yet, then generate some:
    fab generate_keys
  3. deploy keys
    fab <site> distribute_keys
  4. Run the upgrade (as/when required)
    fab <site> deploy


Put site into Maintenance:

vim /etc/crontab
#0-59/1 * * * * www-data cd /path/to/web2py/ && python -C -D 1 >> /tmp/cron.output 2>&1

vim /etc/apache/sites-available/maintenance
  RewriteEngine On
  RewriteRule ^/(.*) /maintenance.html

ln -sf /etc/apache/sites-available/maintenance /etc/apache/sites-enabled/mysite
/etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload

Update code:

cd /path/to/web2py
git pull upstream

Trial run:

cd /path/to/web2py
python -S eden -M

Fix any Database Issues:

  1. The .table files in the databases directory contains what web2py knows about your database
  2. You need to set deployment_settings.base.migrate=True in models/ before you update the code and switch back to deployment_settings.base.migrate=False later on.
  3. In case of database mismatches - check the databases directory for the appropriate .table file and change accordingly.

If using MySQL, then can use phpMyAdmin, if using SQLite then can use sqlite3 command-line tool:

Restore site into production:

vim /etc/crontab
0-59/1 * * * * www-data cd /path/to/web2py/ && python -C -D 1 >> /tmp/cron.output 2>&1

ln -sf /etc/apache/sites-available/mysite /etc/apache/sites-enabled/mysite
/etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload

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