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Excel Importer

Excel can be used to build a more complex front-end for importable spreadsheets than is possible with just CSV.

The Excel importer currently will import a worksheet called 'SahanaData', or the first worksheet if none with the correct name exist.

Normally this is a hidden worksheet with a user-visible UI worksheet where data is entered & 1 or more lookup worksheets.

Lookup Lists

# Simple L1s {{ =L1s }} # Prevent modifying the L1 again if the L2 has been selected {{ =IF(L2_Selected="", L1s, INDIRECT("FakeList")) }} # Simple L2s based on L1 {{ =OFFSET(L2_Start,MATCH(L1_Selected,L1s_for_L2,0),0,COUNTIF(L1s_for_L2,L1_Selected),1) }} # With prevention {{ =IF(L3_Selected="", OFFSET(L2_Start,MATCH(L1_Selected,L1s_for_L2,0),0,COUNTIF(L1s_for_L2,L1_Selected),1), INDIRECT("FakeList")) }} # Simple L3s based on L2 # @ToDo: Multi-level lookups (Where L2s not Unique!) {{ =OFFSET(L3_Start,MATCH(L2_Selected,L2s_for_L3,0),0,COUNTIF(L2s_for_L3,L2_Selected),1) }} # @ToDo: Can we prevent changes if any Fokontany selected? # Simple L4s based on L3 # @ToDo: Multi-level lookups (Where L2s not Unique!) {{ =OFFSET(L4_Start,MATCH(L3_Selected,L3s_for_L4,0),0,COUNTIF(L3s_for_L4,L3_Selected),1) }}

Dependent Lists must be sorted by dependency


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