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Data is normally imported from spreadsheets.

Currently these need to be converted to CSV format, however there is now support for building .xls[x] templates to wrap around the CSV: *


  • Data needs putting into the correct columns
  • Date formats need to be correct

This can be done to PrePopulate an instance.

After 1st run, there are menu links for many resources, but any REST controller can have the 'import' method invoked if there is a suitable .xsl file as static/formats/s3csv/module/resource.xsl:


Files & Stylesheets can be loaded from alternate sources, such as:


Alternately these can be done using CLI scripts:


XSLT available to import Hospitals & Locations into Sahana Eden

ToDo: Provide a UI to select which levels the admin boundary levels correspond to:


XSLT available to import Ushahidi reports into Sahana Eden's Incident Reporting system

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