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Getting started and operating SAFIRE



This document serves as a knowledge repository for users to refer "how to" content with carrying out the roles specific workflows:

The document is present with the most frequently used features at the top and the others at the bottom of the page (e.g. installation and administration)


Logging incidents


  1. Incident logging form is simple and quick to capture the necessary information
  2. Depends on predefined data:
    1. incident type that your organization is implementing
    2. reporting date defaults to now
    3. status can be extended beyond open & closed

Building the action plan

/eden/event/incident/X/plan (replace X with number)

  1. Define the tasks
  2. Assign resources
    1. people (skilled)
    2. equipment (assets & consumables)
  3. Depends on predefine
    1. people (skills)
    2. equipment & assets
    3. scenarios & tasks

Dispatching resources

  1. messaging first responders

Updating incidents

Publishing reports

Managing users

Publishing situational reports

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