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How to use the SAMBRO Mobile App


  1. Login
  2. Settings
    • Change server
    • Sync local data with the SAMBRO server
  3. Alert list
    • Alert detail
  4. Issuing new alert
    • Event type
    • Status
    • Templates
    • Location
      • Predefined area
      • New area
    • Response type
    • Warning priority
    • Scope
    • Recipients
    • Note
    • Date
    • Summary
  5. Online mode
  6. Offline mode


  • Make sure you have already username registered in SAMBRO server
  • At the first time you installed this app, make sure you have an internet access
  • Enter your username and password and then click login

Alert list

  • At the first time app will get the latest data from SAMBRO server after it finished button "ISSUE NEW ALERT" will be active
  • Click "ISSUE NEW ALERT" button to create new alert or issue
  • Click one of the alert of the list to get detail information about the alert

Alert detail

  • Detail information of the alert
  • Click "VIEW WEB ALERT" button to go to the SAMBRO webpage
  • Click "BACK" button to back to the alert list

Issuing new alert

  • Click "ISSUE NEW ALERT" button to create new alert or issue
  • First screen of issuing new alert is Event Type, you can choose which event type related to the disaster is happening.

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