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How to use the SAMBRO Mobile App


  1. Login
  2. Menu
  3. Setting
    • Change server
    • Sync local data with the SAMBRO server
  4. Alert list
    • Alert detail
  5. Issuing new alert
    • Event type
    • Status
    • Templates
    • Location
      • Predefined area
      • New area
    • Response type
    • Warning priority
    • Scope
    • Recipients
    • Note
    • Date
    • Summary
  6. Online mode
  7. Offline mode


  • Make sure you have already username registered in SAMBRO server
  • At the first time you installed this app, make sure you have an internet access
  • Enter your username and password and then click login

  • Click the menu button icon (inside red square)

  • Three list of menu are profile (detail information of your user profile), setting (to change server url and sync the local data with the server), and logout (to logging out your user)


  1. Change server
    • You can change the server url with change server url field
  2. Sync local data with the SAMBRO server
    • Click "SYNC THE DATA" button to get the latest data from server to your mobile SAMBRO app

Alert list

  • At the first time app will get the latest data from SAMBRO server after it finished button "ISSUE NEW ALERT" will be active
  • Click "ISSUE NEW ALERT" button to create new alert or issue
  • Click one of the alert of the list to get detail information about the alert

Alert detail

  • Detail information of the alert
  • Click "VIEW WEB ALERT" button to go to the SAMBRO webpage
  • Click "BACK" button to back to the alert list

Issuing new alert

  • Click "ISSUE NEW ALERT" button to create new alert or issue
  • First screen of issuing new alert is Event Type, you can choose which event type related to the disaster is happening.

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