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    2222This should start with a screen stating:
    2323"Sahana Eden - <Application Name> Application"
     25Advice for creating a screen captured video:
     27  * Be very careful to not take screen captures of your browser with multiple tabs open; only a single window with the Eden application (full screen mode is best to also avoid open applications being shown in the task bar).
     28  * Hide your bookmarks folders, and anything else *not* related to Sahana Eden that's in the browser window before starting the screen capture.
     29  * Fill in *every* field on *every* form shown with meaningful data (not gibberish, something that makes sense), not simply the required fields.
     30  * Press *every* button on every screen related to the module or application you are creating a screen cast for.
     31  * Take care again to not have gibberish entries (such as "kjdssga" for a name) or lots of unrelated data (i.e. organizations or incidents in India, Japan, Bhutan, the United States, and Tksfd) when showing screens with tabular data.  There is nothing wrong with entering a bunch of data as if responding to an event near your home as you will know the geography and organizations that make sense to include.
     32  * Alternatively, use a sample data set (if available) provided for the purpose of creating a demonstration.
     33  * Be very careful with spelling and try to avoid having your browser suggest entries based on previous demonstrations and selecting them rather than typing in a new data element (ajax lookups that are a part of Sahana Eden is okay as that is demonstrating Eden's capabilities).
     35Finally, please provide a full resolution screen capture such that when the video is brought into full screen mode, or shown through a projector for demonstration or training purposes, that the image is clear and easy to read.