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Rename of UserGuidelinesTemple

This is designed to be a template for creating User Guidelines for Sahana Eden Applications

User Guidelines - <Application Name>


An overview of what this module could be used for. Focus on what value the information in this application would add to Disaster Management and how it will support decision making (ideally with a list of decisions supported)

Data (??? better name)

A list of the Resources (Data Tables) within the Application, and a brief description of what they are


Any complex, non-CRUD workflows. Possibly include a flow chart / diagram. Ensure that you attached the raw file (ideally in an open format - ) as well as the image.


Any non-CRUD reports

Screen Shots

A selection of screenshots (~5) and a description of what they could be used for.

Video Tour

<5 Min overview. This should start with a screen stating: "Sahana Eden - <Application Name> Application"

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