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These are areas of work that need interested developers to tackle.

The Blueprints should act as the Requirements specification for Testers to work with.
This could start with a simple User Story (or a full Use Case)
It can then be mocked-up using Wireframes using a tool such as Dia, Balsamiq or just GoogleDoc's new Drawing functionality

We could look at following a Behaviour-Driven Development style to formalise requirements whilst still being Agile (e.g. using tools like pyspec or PyFIT).

Joel Spolsky has a good write-up on Why to write Functional Specs & How

Easy Tasks for Beginners


  • Have the GPS Coordinate Conversion Tool support negative numbers
  • Replace the Measure Length/Area tools with GeoExt.ux
  • Option to go Full screen & back
  • Popup to add Location via Map
  • Sub-folders of Overlays e.g. for:
    • Projects by Theme
    • Projects by Donor

Image Library

  • Provide a .represent for the view to display image thumbnail with option to zoom large (such as Fancyzoom)
  • Provide a beautiful image viewer to flip between images
  • Use Mapping API to display images on Map


  • Improve UI for Many<>Many
  • Postgres Support needs fixing
  • Popup to do Advanced Search for a Field (better than simple AutoComplete)
  • Port the multi-file upload widget in Bulk Uploader from Ext-2.2.1 to Ext-3.2.1
    • Finish this app
  • Replace the open_module() used by the menu system with something that doesn't use implicit redirects as these take unnecessary resources
  • Provide localisation of jquery.ui.datepicker
    • Means that user profile will need extending to support locales
  • Replace jquery.autocomplete.js with jquery.ui.autocomplete.js (1.8.1)
  • Replace jquery.cluetip.js with jquery.ui.tooltip.js (1.9 once released)



Support Tools

Sahana2 requirements:

Ideas from the Fire/Police Emergency Response sector:

In time we may use this area to provide just the detailed specifications for the Blueprints functionality within Launchpad

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