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FOSSkriti Workshop

There was a hackfest for SahanaPy at FOSSkriti on Feb 14th at 15:30 UTC

This included a number of people - some were skilled programmers, some were new to this technology.

Ajay was on site. Remote support was provided by Fran, Massimo, Satya, Chamindra & Dominic [nursix].


IRC Logs:


Getting Started

  • InstallationGuidelinesDeveloper
  • Using Bzr to work on the hackfest tree:
    • bzr branch lp:~mdipierro/web2py/devel web2py
    • cd web2py/applications
    • bzr branch bzr+ssh://
    • hack
    • bzr add && bzr remove && bzr commit
    • bzr push bzr+ssh://
    • Update the working-tree & reload Apache to see the results:
    • Ignore the 500 error!
  • DeveloperGuidelines

How to Communicate?


  • Web2Py framework for simple RAD web development: Massimo di Pierro [massimo]


  • Dedicated Server (Internet accessible): Courtesy Zen Internet
    • Bzr repo people can check code into
    • Runs code live via Apache/mod_wsgi (remote admin permitted)
    • CGI for restarting Apache (& updating Bzr working-tree)
    • Xen environment

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