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Haiti Vol (Volunteer Management System)

Dominic König (IRC nickname: nursix) is leading on this atm: #sahana-py

See also the New Module Development tutorial as this is new functionality for Py:

Keep it real simple to start with - get something usable quickly, which we can then refine later if we gets needs to do so.


  1. You can create projects, and link projects to locations
  2. You can search for projects by location
  3. You can add a volunteer registration to any person
  4. You can add tasks to projects
  5. You can assign a task to any person with a volunteer registration
  6. You can update task status, or re-assign to another person

Started a "self service" menu for volunteers, currently just "My Tasks" but more to follow. However, that doesn't mean that every volunteer needs a user account - you can manage projects, tasks and volunteers without user accounts, and you can share this information across multiple instances without needing to register every volunteer as user on each instance.

Of course are any Person Registry information about volunteers also available in the Volunteer Module, such as:

  • Contact Information
  • Addresses
  • Identity Information


Prerequisites for volunteers:

  1. Introduce yourself to the team on #sahana at (contact: nursix)
  2. Request Trac permission to edit this page.
  3. List yourself in the table below:
IRC NicknameRealnameworking on
nursixDominic KönigBlueprint, Implementation
flavourFran BoonCodebase Guidance, Implementation
assadZubair AssadImplementation

If you want to code, please see Developer Guidelines

  • Write user requirements, start with short user stories á la "As a <role>, I want to <action>". Add to the "User Stories" paragraph below.
  • Write a Blueprint to specify technical details, especially:
    • Data model
    • Workflow
    • Menu Structure
    • Forms layout (if not already specified in the model)
    • Framework integration (e.g., Person Registry)
    • Interoperability (e.g., Data exchange)
  • Implement the module (Short name: "vol")
  • Test and eliminate bugs
  • Write Documentation:
    • Refine Blueprint
    • User Guideline

nursix is working on:

  1. You can add positions to a project and assign volunteers to positions
  2. a position can be shared among volunteers
  3. Org's can take ownership of positions, and set a payment rate
  4. Tasks will no longer be assigned to individuals, but to positions
  1. You can register how many hours a volunteer has spent in which position
  2. You can obtain reports of working hours per volunteer
  1. You can register resources (skills, tools etc.) to a volunteer
  2. You can add resource constraints to tasks
  3. resources and constraints will be used to auto-match volunteers and positions
  4. You can see position suggestions per volunteer
  5. You can see volunteer suggestions per position

More suggestions (in form of user stories) always welcome.

User Stories

User Requirements

BluePrint Suggestions

  • add here


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