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Haiti Vol (Volunteer Management System)

Dominic König (IRC nickname: nursix) is leading on this atm.

See also the New Module Development tutorial as this is new functionality for Py:

Keep it real simple to start with - get something usable quickly, which we can then refine later if we gets needs to do so.


Prerequisites for volunteers:

  1. Introduce yourself to the team on #sahana at (contact: nursix)
  2. Request Trac permission to edit this page.
  3. If you want to code, please see Developer Guidelines
  • Write user requirements, start with short user stories á la "As a <role>, I want to <action>". Add to the "User Stories" paragraph below.
  • Write a Blueprint to specify technical details, especially:
    • Data model
    • Workflow
    • Menu Structure
    • Forms layout (if not already specified in the model)
    • Framework integration (e.g., Person Registry)
    • Interoperability (e.g., Data exchange)
  • Implement the module (Short name: "vol")
  • Test and eliminate bugs
  • Write Documentation:

User Stories

  • add here

User Requirements

BluePrint Suggestions

  • add here


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