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Project Information

This page contains ideas for projects which contributors with diverse skills and expertise can work on. Projects are into:

People are welcome to start working on any project which interests them. They are advised to notify Mailing List first, to get the latest status of the project and ensure that there is no overlap and are welcome to contact community members on Chat for assistance.

Events and Programs

This list is used to provide projects for people attending various Sahana Events and Programs. Projects which are suitable for specific events/programs will be marked with its initials, however people associated with these events are still welcome to work on the projects.

Google Code In 2010 (GIC)

Google Code In 2010-11

Grace Hopper Celebration Codeathon for Humanity 2010 (GHC)

GHC2010 Sahana-Eden Home Each Codeathon table has an etherpad page for collaboration -- find your table's page here .


Projects that do not involve programming.


Bug verification


Some bugs have been left open even though they've been fixed. Others don't have much information.

  • Go through the list of open bugs and try to reproduce the bug:
    • If the bug is gone, add a reply to the ticket with what you did and "resolve" the bug as "invalid". (The submitter can still reply and reopen the bug if they want.)
    • If you can reproduce the bug but the description isn't clear, add better "how to reproduce" instructions.
    • If you can't figure out what the ticket means, add a reply that tells the bug reporter what info would be helpful.

Current relief efforts

Improve installation procedures


  • Step-by-step documentation -- we have been concentrating on Windows & Debian/Ubuntu so other distros are poorly-documented.

Basic Coding Projects

Projects for beginning coders, or if new to Python or web services

Bug fixing


Feature Enhancements


  • Fix UI issues, add features, provide user-requested enhancements.
  • The landing page for each module is different -- some have descriptive text, others have statistics (a "dashboard"). Each has a different layout of menus.
    • Are any of these landing pages useful? What would be better for a typical workflow?
    • Make appropriate changes.
    • Is there a common sort of menu that would be useful?

Building Assessments

We had a basic Building Assessments tool added to Sahana recently (which is based on the ATC forms), although it was done in a Web2Py style & so didn't get completed & isn't yet merged to Trunk.

The Data model is all there, so just needs the S3 REST Controller plugging-in & then using components to get sections onto Tabs (as per Rapid Assessment Tool).

This would be a real nice easy project to learn the beauty of the S3 Framework & would really add value :)

Current code is here:



A favorite missing feature is geocoding addresses. There is already a geocoding service supported in Eden, but it's not used when a user adds a location. Your job:

  • Find the geocoding function.
  • When the user adds a location and enters an address, use the geocoding function to get latitude and longitude.

Misc. GIS/Mapping

These are a number of various GIS/Mapping Tasks:

  • Use the GeoCoder (geolocate function in controllers/ to lookup location Lat/Lons
  • Add a delay to the onHover tooltip (highlightControl)
  • Integrate Potlatch
    • for editing the main OSM database
    • for editing a local OSM database
  • Make the display_feature() & display_features() popup a Window instead of opening in a DIV
  • Replace the Measure Length/Area tools with GeoExt.ux
  • Option to go Full screen & back
    • Full screen view (No Ext window) will be required for use on a small-screen, such as a Mobile device
  • Layer Tree
    • Separate Overlays folder into Internal/External
    • Sub-folders of Overlays e.g. for:
      • Projects by Theme
      • Projects by Donor
  • Get a pr/person/presence record upon login if HTML5 GeoLocation available & not changed since last time
    • login_next
  • Map Preview when Lat/Lon set in pr/person/presence (auto or not)

Suggestion Box


Here are some potential features for a "suggestion box", roughly in order of priority:

  • Text data entry form -- just use standard Eden database fields like "timestamp", "authorstamp", and "comments", maybe with a subject field.
  • Allow defining topics or keywords. Let user choose a topic for their suggestion. Add all module names as an initial list of topics.
  • Simple search in the body of posts -- match words.
  • Regexp search.
  • Allow commenting on (replying to) suggestions -- show comment thread with original post.
  • Some form of importance rating (e.g. voting up or down).
  • Original suggestion from:


Advanced Coding Projects

Projects for more experienced coders.

Some things to keep in mind when planning new modules or major features:

  • Consider what other FOSS tools exist, that could be installed alongside Eden.
  • Look at tools and libraries already in use in Eden, e.g. jQuery and ExtJS for UI work.

Fuller list of Projects being scoped: BluePrints

Misc. GIS/Mapping

These are a number of GIS/Mapping Tasks to be done:

  • Allow Sahana to import Wikipedia locations easily
  • Popup to do Advanced Search for a Field (better than simple AutoComplete)
  • Finish the multi-file upload widget in Bulk Uploader
    • Port from Ext-2.2.1 to Ext-3.2.1


Test automation

Tweet or SMS parsing -- allow users to provide info via tweets or SMS messages

Sending Tweets

Job Jar -- manage tasks performed on the site, e.g. data entry

  • Assign tasks to users or let users select tasks.
  • Track who does what, mark completed.
  • Provide administrator UI for defining tasks.
  • Cross-check / verify task, or compare result of two users on same task.
  • Administer tests and training for new workers.

Mobile photo or video upload

  • Design a widget (to be included in an Eden form) that can be used to select images or video, with any needed detection of the type of phone.

Run Eden on a smart phone

Web interface for customizing new Eden sites

Chat with other logged in users

  • Provide a chat board through which users can help each other or get help from the system administrator.
  • Perhaps have one chat for each organization or project.
  • Is there existing IRC or other chat software that could be incorporated?

Refactor and complete the Survey module

The survey module was started during GSoC this summer. The author will be online on freenode #sahana-ghc under the nicknames robbyoconnor or r0bby|android during the Codeathon.

  • Change it so that it uses "components" to relate survey sections to the survey, and questions to the survey sections.
  • Please keep in mind that the survey tool should be able to support question data types (defined in the user guidelines)
  • Ideally, the look and feel of the surveys should be modeled after the Rapid Assessment Tool (rat) module. (See models/ and controllers/ to get an idea of what needs to happen.)
  • We are aiming to allow non-technical users to create surveys similar to what was done in the rat module.
  • Additional Resources: User Guidelines
  • If this project is undertaken, please update the wiki documentation to match.

Optical character recognition

  • Integrate an OCR tool developed for GSoC into Eden.

Extensions to support new use cases

  • Organizations such as Ten Thousand Villages assist craftspeople in disadvantaged countries organize to purchase supplies and market their crafts. What would such a crafts coop need to help run their business? What's missing from Eden to support this?
  • Maitri provides support to victims of domestic violence.
    • They have a page listing resources but part of the page is organized topically and the rest by location. Consider how to store the resource data to allow displaying it either by topic or by location, and also make it searchable.
    • Look at the volunteer page. Compare with the existing (incomplete) volunteer module. What additional features might Maitri need to use the Eden volunteer module?

Image Library

Misc. Projects

To be elaborated on later:

  • Image Importer
  • YouTube Importer
  • User Statistics


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