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Advanced Coding Projects

Projects for more experienced coders.

Some things to keep in mind when planning new modules or major features:

  • Consider what other FOSS tools exist, that could be installed alongside Eden.
  • Look at tools and libraries already in use in Eden, e.g. jQuery and ExtJS for UI work.

Fuller list of Projects being scoped: BluePrints

Media Feed



Job Jar


Web Setup





These are a number of GIS/Mapping Tasks to be done:

Wikipedia Locations

Allow Sahana to import Wikipedia locations easily: both Hierarchy & Lat/Lon info

Fix Web2Py Cron on Win32 Service

Web2Py has a nice Cron utility, but this doesn't work currently on Win32 in Service mode: #438


  • Provide localisation of jquery.ui.datepicker
    • Means that user profile will need extending to support locales
  • Replace jquery.cluetip.js with jquery.ui.tooltip.js (1.9 once released)

Test Automation

  • Write Functional Tests using Selenium
  • Figure out how to do unit tests against a web application.
    • Write unit and functional tests.

Tweet / SMS Parsing

Allow users to provide info via tweets or SMS messages

Mobile Photo/Video Upload

  • Design a widget (to be included in an Eden form) that can be used to select images or video, with any needed detection of the type of phone.

Run Eden on a smart phone

Chat in Sahana


New Use Cases

Extensions to support:

  • Organizations such as Ten Thousand Villages assist craftspeople in disadvantaged countries organize to purchase supplies and market their crafts. What would such a crafts coop need to help run their business? What's missing from Eden to support this?
  • Maitri provides support to victims of domestic violence.
    • They have a page listing resources but part of the page is organized topically and the rest by location. Consider how to store the resource data to allow displaying it either by topic or by location, and also make it searchable.
    • Look at the volunteer page. Compare with the existing (incomplete) volunteer module. What additional features might Maitri need to use the Eden volunteer module?

Image Library

Facebook Integration

Flash Drive Version

Extend and configure the flash drive version to support:

  • Different sets of Prepop Data
  • Multiple user access configuration
  • Sync with online instance (auto-set up)

Misc. Projects

To be elaborated on later:

  • User Statistics


  • Migrate initialization data from to prepopulate


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