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User Guidelines Localisation

Contributing to a Translation of Sahana Eden

Translation to other languages is highly appreciated.Sahana Pootle Server is available as on online tool used for Translations. Please see the Pootle User Guidelines for instructions or contact the MailingList for advice.

Translate Sahana Eden into a New Language

1. Create Language File

Create a new file using the the ISO 639-1 Code of the Language.

2. Translate

Sahana Eden can be translated in the following ways:

A. Using Pootle

Preferred Convert to a .po file for use in Pootle:

For UTF-8, beware of the encoding - needs to be 'without BOM' or 'ANSI as UTF-8'.

  • this is both within the languages/ file & also with any UTF-8 direct in customised Views.

You can also use standard PO file tools such as Virtaal.

web2py2po -i -o zh-tw.po

# Use Pootle &/or Virtaal to translate 

po2web2py -i zh-tw.po -o

B. Using Auto-Translator

You can -also- try a new method, using a beta tool, which translates any file (including the web2py languages files) using the Google Translate API:

  • Go to Auto-Translator, download, uncompress the .tar.gz archive
  • Inside the uncompressed directory, execute the application with:
    • ./ (parameters) or
    • python (parameters)

(The parameters are: filename, origin language and destination language)
Example: ./ /home/johndoe/web2py/applications/eden/languages/ en es
Wait (you'll see an advance status) and DONE. Just refine the translations (inside web2py or just open with a text editor)

Please provide any bug report or problem to the main list

C. Using Web2Py Admin UI

You can then edit the language file directly in the Web2Py Admin UI.

Translate Wiki Pages

  • Translated pages with ISO 639-2 Language Code extension (original english page = no extension), e.g.
    • original page:
    • german translation:
  • Insert [[TranslatedPages]] macro to display a list of available translations of a page (at best at bottom of page)

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