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User Guidelines - Requests

Thee Requests Application in Sahana Eden can be used for managing requests for Items, Assets and Human Resources.


Requests can be made from any Site (Office, Warehouse, Hospital, Shelter, eg). Requests may include the following types of resources:

  • Items (Consumables, eg. Food, Medical Supplies). More information on Items can be found UserGuidelines/Supplies.
  • Assets (Not yet available)
  • Human Resources

User can only make requests for sites which they have permissions for.

Request Status


This represents the commitments which have been to meet this request. This is simply a promise or a pledge and does not represent any action to meet the request.

This step is optional


This represents that resource have been sent (but have not yet arrived) to meet the request.


This represents that resource have arrived which meet the request. Once all of the resources in a request have been fulfilled, it can be considered to be closed.


This allows sites to commit to meet request and track existing commitments.

Shipments of items to send can automatically be generated from commitments.

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