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Add a new blue print


These are areas of work that need interested developers to tackle.

The Blueprints should act as the Requirements specification for Testers to work with.
This could start with a simple User Story (or a full Use Case)
User-Oriented Design
It can then be mocked-up using Wireframes using a tool such as Dia, Balsamiq or just GoogleDoc's new Drawing functionality

We could look at following a Behaviour-Driven Development style to formalise requirements whilst still being Agile (e.g. using tools like pyspec or PyFIT).

Joel Spolsky has a good write-up on Why to write Functional Specs & How


For Project Information



Support Tools

Sahana2 requirements:

Ideas from the Fire/Police Emergency Response sector:

In time we may use this area to provide just the detailed specifications for the Blueprints functionality within Launchpad


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